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Weeknight cooking simplified

30 min recipes. Fresh ingredients. Free delivery.

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  • You choose

    Select one of our weekly boxes that serve two people. Each box contains three recipes, and all the fresh ingredients you need to cook them. Occasionally, we’ll include a special collaboration dish, created by an iconic Melbourne chef, restaurant or food brand!

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  • We deliver

    Your chosen box will arrive early Sunday morning, insulated and chilled. A weeks worth of fresh ingredients ready for you to cook. Cutting out the middle man ensures higher quality ingredients at their freshest. Winning!

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  • You cook

    This is the fun part. All you have to do is use these perfectly portioned ingredients and simple 6-step recipes to create delicious healthy meals in just 30 minutes. Zero food waste!

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  • Christina F & Matt P, St Kilda

    Having checked out some other deconstructed meals in a box before, we came to Tucker Street and were really thrilled on the quality of food being sent our way, as well as the calibre of recipes and instructions.

    It's so cost effective, it has really become part of the weekly routine and we can't recommend it enough to all and everyone!

  • Jan Keeney, Melbourne

    I used to do all the cooking but now my husband cooks on "Tucker Street days" and he loves it! We love all the recipes and are excited every time a new box arrives so just keep them coming.

    I think the variety is what is best and mixing it up between different proteins and cuisines (i.e. Asian, Italian, etc). That's what really makes us look forward to each new week!

  • Anna Wilson, Flemington

    Ah what did I ever do before Tucker Street came into my life?! It was the same old boring meals every week that's for sure! Tucker Street has truly changed my life, giving me more time with my little family and less weekly stress with supermarket lists and shops gone! Now, I excitedly await the exciting, delicious and healthy recipes and delivery each Sunday morning.

    The ingredients are top quality, the recipes innovative, and all in 30 minutes. I don't think I've missed a week of Tucker Street in nearly 2 years!