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About Tucker Street


Back in 2015, advertising professionals Angela Nankervis and Jacquii Vu, mechanical engineer Dayne Nankervis and fire fighter (and occasional MFB calendar model – oh yeah) Courtney Johns all needed to solve three very basic common problems in their very busy lives!

Problem 1: We want to eat healthy but have no time
Problem 2: We can’t be bothered with going to the supermarket
Problem 3: We need to stop getting so much unhealthy takeaway

Why couldn’t a healthy lifestyle also be easy and affordable, without the effort of supermarket shopping, the associated waste of raw ingredients, the dilemma of what to cook, and the “we’re missing ingredients” syndrome!!

They decided to create a food delivery business that would allow busy people to enjoy the benefit of fresh, healthy, home cooked meals without any of the associated pains!

And so, Tucker Street was born

Tucker Street believes that a healthy lifestyle should be easy and affordable. Traditionally, eating healthy meant planning, shopping, cooking, and resisting temptation. It’s hard to keep a consistently healthy diet that is always delicious.

Our meals ensure you’re always getting the nutrition you need, in serving sizes that are just right, while never compromising on taste or variety. And there are no lock-in contracts or cancellation fees. Skip a week or cancel anytime you want.

And all this while not having to waste any time grocery shopping.

Do we hear you say; “But I’ve never cooked meals like this”

Never fear! With our chef picked, perfectly proportioned ingredients and easy to follow step-by-step instructions, cooking healthy delicious meals has never been easier. Every recipe can be completed in around 30 minutes, often less!

More and more people are discovering the joy of cooking with Tucker Street meal boxes.


Local suppliers

When you cook with Tucker Street you’re not just creating a healthy life, you’re creating a healthy community!

The way in which food is grown and distributed is complicated, and making good choices can be difficult. We are changing that. We’ve partnered with local suppliers to source the highest-quality, often organic ingredients for all our recipes.

This creates a distribution system that delivers higher quality ingredients at a better value and this in turn invests in the things that matter most – our environment and our community.

Some of the suppliers and Melbourne born brands we choose to feature in your box include:

  • Mornington Prime cuts – grass fed O’Connor beef, stall-free pork, Gippsland lamb and free range chicken
  • Meatsmith – bespoke marinated meats and small goods
  • Red Coral seafood – locally and ethically caught seafood
  • Ora King salmon – One of the most sustainable salmon in the world
  • Rustica bakery
  • La Tortilleria – authentic Mexican tortillas made in Melbourne
  • Gewürzhaus Herb and Spice merchants  grinding spices in Melbourne
  • Graina
  • Calendar Cheese
  • Casa Iberica
  • Botanical Cuisine – organic, raw, vegan products
  • Terra Madre

Team Tucker Street

Angela Nankervis
Co-founder, recipe developer

Dayne Nankervis
Co-founder, operations manager and numbers guy

Jacquii Vu
Owner, customer relations, collaborations, PR and marketing

Courtney Johns (affectionately known as ‘Teddy’)
Owner, customer relations, recipe developer, operations manager and everything in between!

Why eat out when you can eat in? Save time. Waste less. Cook more. Want us to sort your dinner?

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